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Majhon Phillips

Founder, President

The Story:


Majhon Phillips was always torn by her passions for language and music. As a student, she double-majored in languages and music and traveled extensively studying both fields. After she earned her undergraduate degrees, she undertook a Masters program in International Education and Music, which allowed her to combine all of her interests. This work created the foundation for Music as Language. 


Majhon began teaching music in 2003, and has continued to grow in students since that time. Upon moving to the Bay Area, Majhon also began working in communications and consulted major Silicon Valley technology organizations in public speaking, media briefings, social media best practices and general communications. During this time, she realized that many well-educated people had little knowledge in communication and listening. 


It was with all of these experiences that Majhon started Music as Language. Music is a great tool for learning about listening, being able to communicate effectively, and have fun in the process - all while learning an invaluable skill set! 


Now in New York City, Majhon continues to grow Music As Language and its programs, as well as consulting teachers and students.




Wes Smith is a media and publishing professional with a passion for engaging the arts. An English graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, his past experience includes work at Warner Bros. and the Annenberg Foundation along with his own projects at Dreamwire Press. He believes in the affirming power of music and is dedicated to providing opportunities to those wanting to build on their talent in a competitive field. When he is not working on a new novel or crafting digital media strategies, he can be found playing his various guitars at his home in Missouri.


Lindsey Voelkerding


Lindsey Voelkerding is a professional in the Optical Industry. While she’s making sure patients can see, she’s also passionate about what people can hear. Music and the arts have always maintained a special place in her heart, from high school choir to studying piano and vocal performance with Southeast Missouri State University. After high school, she toured in Europe with the group Sound of America. The experience left a lasting impression on her of how music bridges gaps across cultures and language. A devoted advocate for musical education, she is committed to helping those who want to learn and teach music. During her off hours, in her home in Missouri, she plays piano and sings for her husband and their pets.

Lindsey Headshot

Shankari P.

Majhon has been a great addition to the musical side of our family! She is a true professional, always attentive, sensitive, and courteous. In addition to working hard for her students, she goes the extra mile in terms of helping the parents stay organized with reminders, email updates, and other communication. She is a very positive influence on our children. She customizes her style to fit the child. A real gem! I would highly recommend Majhon!

Nicole S.

Majhon is one of those special and incredible talents that you may have the opportunity to meet and share the pure love for music as a language!!!! She is wonderful and has a beautiful and blessed soul

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Amie R.

Since starting at MaL last July my daughter has sung with a live band behind her and won a radio contest where she was able to sing the star Spangled Banner at a San Jose Giants game. The support and encouragement from these ladies has done wonders for her confidence! I highly recommend Music as Language.

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